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Clear vision and good health are essential to learning — and building futures.  Worldwide, 2.2 billion people are visually impaired or blind, yet Helen Keller Intl knows that nearly half of them don't have to be.  One in four U.S. school kids who need eyeglasses can't afford them.  Malnourished children, if they survive, face stunting and lessened learning ability.  Meeting these challenges head-on, we use simple and proven solutions to help families emerge from cycles of poverty and disease — and see the possibilities.

  • “These young people aren't only getting glasses; they
    are gaining a sort of freedom that was denied to them.”
    — Nick Kourgialis, Helen Keller Intl Vice President of Eye Health
  • “I see a change in my daughter.  She’s happier, she
    plays more, and she looks stronger and healthier now.”
    — Aida, community lead mother, Mozambique
  • "I am glad that my son doesn't have to be at a special school — with inclusive education, he can learn in a regular school."
    — Father of a child with special needs, Indonesia

How will you help?

$60 can provide two schoolchildren with free vision screenings and prescription eyeglasses. $130 can fund cataract surgery for two older adults, enabling them to see their grandkids for the first time. $240 can provide six people with surgery to prevent blindness from trachoma. $480 can provide vitamin A supplements to protect the sight and lives of 240 children for a year. $650 can provide skills and tools to two women, enabling each to create a small farm, grow nutritious foods and generate income. $1,000 can provide three children suffering from severe acute malnutrition with full courses of lifesaving treatment.
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See Possibilities

Clear Vision for Kids

Many low income families lack access to the vision care their children need.  Helen Keller Intl provides kids with in-school vision screenings and free prescription eyeglasses.  In the U.S. and elsewhere, we work closely with communities, engaging school administrators, nurses, and parents as partners in providing the basic health services that help kids see — and succeed. 

See Possibilities

Sight-Saving Nutrition

Eating one orange-fleshed sweet potato daily provides a child with enough vitamin A to keep her growing healthy and strong.  We make sweet potato farming possible for families living in places where rates of deficiency-related blindness and child mortality are high.  Quite simply, sweet potatoes save sight and lives. 

See Possibilities

Learning for All Needs

Every child deserves a good education.  Yet children who are blind or have other special needs sometimes lack access to the support they need for learning, particularly in low-income communities.  Helen Keller Intl trains educators to ensure that all students receive the assistance and resources they need to engage fully and learn right along with their classmates. 


  • What are Helen’s Gifts?

    Simple and straightforward, Helen’s Gifts represent the various programs and tools that are a part of Helen Keller Intl’s broad range of work. Our mission is to help vulnerable people living in poverty around the world who suffer needlessly from preventable blindness and low vision, disabling diseases and malnutrition.

    Our three gift themes also express the profound legacy of our co-founder, Helen Keller. You can share your gift by sending unlimited e-cards that honor and inspire others to See Possibilities, Overcome Obstacles or Fulfill Potential.

  • How does it work?

    Choose a gift theme, make your donation, select an e-card design, and personalize with your message. Send your e-card to as many friends and loved ones as you’d like.

  • How will my gift be used?

    Your gift will help to support the full range of Helen Keller Intl’s work in 20 countries, including the U.S. It will be used where it is most needed, enabling us to deliver services with rigor, efficiency and compassion. Find out more about how we ensure that your donation goes where it's needed most to make the greatest impact at

  • Is my donation tax-deductible?

    Yes. All gifts are deductible to the full extent allowable by law. Your receipt will be provided upon completion of your donation and you will also receive a gift acknowledgment by mail.

  • Why should I give to Helen Keller International?

    Helen Keller co-founded our organization in 1915 with the firm belief that every human life has equal value. More than a century later, Helen Keller Intl is still at work furthering Helen’s extraordinary legacy with landmark efforts that save vision and transform lives around the globe.

    83 cents of every dollar we spend goes directly to our programs. Helen Keller Intl is also a Charity Watch Top-Rated Charity and has been named a Top Charity by GiveWell.

Of every dollar we spend, 83 cents goes directly to help save the sight and lives of vulnerable children and their families.

Of every dollar we spend, 83 cents goes directly to help save the sight and lives of vulnerable children and their families.
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